The web application is software stored in a web server dissimilar from other software that locally runs on the Operating System (OS). Web applications can be accessed through a web browser with an internet connection. Web applications are designed for different uses, and anyone can use them.

The common examples of web applications are online calculator, webmail, and furthermore. However, some web applications are only accessed on a specific browser, but many others are available on every browser. According to well-known app developers, AR, AI, VR, and chatbots are the most profitable web app ideas.

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How Web Application Works

Web applications aren’t downloaded as they are accessed through the network. Mainly user uses Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox to access the web application.

To use a web application requires a web server, database, and application server. The web server handles managing the request from clients. In contrast, the application server serves to complete the task. In contrast, the database handles storing important information.

Web applications need a small development team to create. Web apps are coded in JavaScript, CSS, or HTML5. Client-side programming uses these languages to build a front-end application. Likewise, to build a back-end application, PHP, Java, Ruby languages are used.

Types of Web Applications

The classification of web applications depends on their functionality. There are five types of a web applications with different chrematistics. There are:

  • Static web application
  • Dynamic web application
  • E-commerce
  • Portal web app
  • Content Management System (CMS)

Web Apps Benefits

Web applications are used for different purposes, and with those uses, it serves many benefits. Such as:

  • It allows multiple users to access the application.
  • To operate the application, you don’t need to install the software.
  • Users can access the software from any platform like mobile, desktop, or laptop.
  • It can be accessed through different browsers.
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12 Best Web App Ideas to Start Your Business

As technology is evolving, the business dynamics are constantly changing. World Wide Web was an invention of Sir Timothy Berners-Lee at Cern in 1989. That invention is the biggest reason for the online business. Many marketers were influenced by the WWW, which leads to the establishment of startups like Amazon and eBay.

According to a survey, 81% of businesses established websites for their business in 1999. But, later on, things developed, and the ecommerce business witnessed the development of mobile commerce. And now the cloud-based web development is $24 billion worth and is continuously increasing by the rate of 4.9%.

To start a new business requires knowledge and effort to grow the business. But moreover, it needs different web app ideas to launch a successful business. Don’t worry! Here is the list of the 12 best web app ideas for you that you can launch for your ecommerce business.

Payment apps

Digital wallets allow users to make payments easily without carrying wallets or cards. You just need your cellphone for the transaction process. The forecast of digital wallets is reaching heights. According to the web application development services, digital wallets will be $7,581.91 worth 2024. There is a vast scope in payments web app ideas. You need to take a step forward in the financial market for a successful business in 2021.

Online pharmacies

Online pharmacies are web app ideas for startup businesses in 2021. As in 2020, due to covid19, people were quarantine to stay at home. Online pharmacies delivered medicines to the doorsteps. And now, there are 3436 online pharmacies available on the internet.

Dating apps

According to a report, dating apps are one of the most used apps in 2019 as they are easy to use and a creative app that helps a youngster find partners. These can be excellent web app ideas to draw the audience’s attention and make a profitable business.

Website builder

Just like you! Many other people are considering starting an ecommerce business. Starting a new business requires a robust and straightforward website for a successful business. Thus website building apps are great web app ideas to offer customers. You can help customers to build an appealing website and make a profitable business in 2021.

Website building app offers different templates, designs, domains, and marketing tools to customers for establishing the website.

Grocery delivery websites

Ordering groceries is relieving thing at the end of the day. This business idea was introduced a couple of years ago worldwide. Now it’s a blessing for people during lockdowns worldwide in 2020 & 2021. So we can say that grocery delivery websites can be great web app ideas.

Smart Tutor

This web app idea is designed for students to help them in their studies. As students face problems in several subjects at times, they are unable to contact their tutors. So this app serves expert that communicates with the students to resolve their problems. It is suitable for all ages. For example, it helps toddlers to learn new words and teaches them fun activities. And for adults, they provide knowledge for any preferable subject by offering quizzes and tests.

Music streaming web apps

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Music can beat blues and refresh the soul. So, this is a brilliant web app idea in today’s times.

A music website with a library of popular charts and different kinds of playlists, podcast shows, radio channels, and many more will never let a music lover feel down.

Food delivery apps

You probably have heard the name UberEats, Zomato or Foodpanda. These are the most famous web app, according to web developers. People love to have hot meals at odd times, so food delivery apps come to the rescue. So food delivery apps can be the best web app ideas in 2021.

Ecommerce store

Whatever the occasion is, everyone loves online shopping. Online shopping is the favorite hobby of many people. Ecommerce store is leading the charts and is a top-notch web app idea in 2021.

For a successful business, you should give an ecommerce store a shot.

A Social Platform

Nowadays, people have a hectic schedule due to work and studies. That’s why they rarely go out or do anything interesting. So developing social media platforms are an excellent web app idea to start a business in 2021. Social media platform with unique and creative features is a great way to leverage the audience. But remember audience won’t like to pay for that, but you can serve advertisements.

Virtual meeting websites

Due to pandemics, business dynamics are constantly changing. Due to that, virtual meeting apps are the top trend as they host virtual meetings and video conferencing. So that’s why virtual meeting apps are great web app ideas to create in 2021.

Zoom and Skype are preferred by the audience for conducting online classes, interviews, and video calls.

Online video games

Online video games are the best web app ideas to start a business in 2021. There is an excellent potential for web-based video games to have a profitable business in 2021.


These are just 12 web app ideas, but the list goes on. We wish and hope that this blog helps you in analyzing the best web app ideas for your future startup.