To draw an image, first, you need to know its shape. However, people generally put a lot of thought into before drawing into the patterns. But eventually, we reach a point for thinking that it is the right shape and cool patterns to draw first.

The very first thing regarding the pattern that we need to focus on is basic shapes. These shapes include triangles, circles, and squares. From this, we start making predictions and thus achieve the goal. Other figures to help drawing patterns include Rectangles, Rhombus, and Hexagons. After we combine all these shapes in some unique ways, we get a new thing.

These patterns are also known as geometric patterns, which include different forms of making impressive designs. These simple shapes can be very appealing to our minds. However, it depends upon the subject that which cool pattern is good for it.

The size and graphical patterns do not need to be symmetrical in every case. These all will help to create an effect. You can even combine these patterns with the photos.

15+ Free Seamless Wood Textures – Light and Dark Designs

Find Cool Patterns / Backgrounds / Vectors for Your next Project

It can be quite weird, but using the tool can be the real thing that a designer would be searching for. These patterns are very flexible, practical, and impressive to the eyes, and also could be functional in many cases. It brings a change when you visualize them. Some essential points to design the creative and simple patterns are:

  • Pair the pattern along with die-cutting
  • Your pattern must complement your elements used
  • A fresh pattern must balance out an image
  • The pattern must blend with the photography
  • A Pattern needs the right scale
  • Use vibrant colors
  • Can repeat the shapes
  • Before drawing split your photo into different frames
  • Try using tessellation
  • Be careful regarding photo pixels

You can find a variety of free and premium patterns designs on MasterBundles.

Artistic Pattern Bundle – Seamless Vector Patterns

Artistic Pattern Bundle Seamless vector
The features of the set include:

  • Easy editing of vector images
  • 60 Cool gorgeous patterns with beautiful shades, textures, and the details
  • These patterns will surely add bright flair to your product

180 Shapes and Patterns Kit

Modern Shape and Patterns Bundle
If you need treasured modern designs, then choose this cool pattern. It is an ideal pattern for branding a project, stationery, wedding invites, and web design. Also, it is suitable for home decor.

Abstract Seamless Patterns + Shapes

Abstract Seamless Patterns + Shapes
It is a kit with over ten shades and seven patterns for the user. When you combine these patterns with shapes, it will help to create variations. It provides personal and unique designs.

Animal Print Vector Patterns

Animal Print Vector Patterns
These animals prints paper are cool backgrounds of a scrapbook. You can use these fur patterns for invitations, cards, party packs, printing, and much more.

Straight Seamless Patterns Bundle

Straight Seamless Patterns Bundle
This is a new bundle with straight and creative patterns, which consists of Vector EPS format, Vector AI format, 30 JPEG files, and 30 PNG files.

Islamic Art Vector Patterns

Islamic Art Vector Patterns
This bundle consists of 40 Islamic Art Patterns. You can use this for both complex and straightforward pattern drawing as it provides a sophisticated look. These patterns are ideal background patterns.

10 Seamless Retro Patterns

10 Seamless Retro Patterns
It is a set of ten funky seamless patterns, which include Photoshop pattern set, 10 PNG’s, and CS5 and CS6 library. These patterns are the choice of the seventies.

Organic Shapes 100 Seamless Textures

Organic Shapes 100 seamless textures
These are the organic shaped 100 patterns and textures. These are made with inspiration from nature that is very exciting and striking to our eyes.

Boho Digital Paper

seamless swatches & funky graphics
These are the new digital papers drawn with hands with the .jpg file extension. These are the funky graphics with the tropical print. These are ideal for patterns of wallpaper.

Mid-Century Patterns Ultra Bundle

Mid-Century Patterns Ultra Bundle
It includes mid-century products with impressive modern patterns. The bundle comes with over 20 Adobe illustrators and EPS vector patterns. These come in three resolutions like 300, 159, and 72 DPI.

The World Art Masterpieces Bundle

The World Art Masterpieces Patterns Bundle
It is a masterpiece bundle with all kinds of cool patterns. These are the best seamless patterns for paintings. It has added benefits to create new and innovative ideas for reality.

Rising Sun Branding Kit – illustrations, seamless patterns, seamless textures

illustrations, seamless patterns, seamless textures
This kit is a collection of textures, patterns, illustrations, and different logos. You can use them for branding projects, book covers, posters, packing designs, and much more.

6 Floral Seamless Pattern

Floral Seamless Pattern
This bundle introduces you to the floral patterns. These have created very outstanding with the silk scarves, ceramic tiles, or bedroom textiles.

Modern Shapes & Patterns

modern seamless patterns, shapes
It has a pre-made composition, patterns, and shapes. You can use these to print on t-shirts, greeting cards, branding a business, blog design, and accessories.

Tropic Season Seamless Pattern

Tropic Season Seamless Pattern
It is a bundle of exotic patterns that give tropical vibes. These designs are from nature and tropical beauty. You can easily use them to make customized design, branding, wallpaper, background, and print the objects.

Floral Backgrounds & Patterns

Floral Backgrounds & Patterns
This bundle consists of flowers with vivid shades. You will love these graphic designs that fit well with the branding projects. You can now enjoy modern designs and impressive visualization.

Graffiti vector patterns pack

Graffiti vector patterns pack
This cool pattern style consists of different textures with the ZIP file having EPS, JPEG, PNG, and PDF. Also, these patterns will look suitable for cool designs black & white in the shade.

Wave Patterns

Wave Patterns
Now enjoy fun and waved cool background patterns with 12 patterns that are white, bold shade, and royal blue waves shades.

Eighties pink neon digital paper

Eighties pink neon digital paper
This design takes you back to the 1980s with neon retro waves. These are high-end resolution files that come in .jpg format. The kit consists of 12 digital prints of size 12” x 12”.

5 Mosaic Seamless Patterns

Mosaic Seamless Patterns
This is something one would search for. Everyone wants something customized like these patterns. It has 10 Adobe Illustrations that you can change and edit its size and shade.

75 Abstract Seamless Patterns

Abstract Seamless Patterns
These patterns have a unique shape, flowers, waves, letters, triangles, rhombus, and much more. These are the cool patterns to draw on your hand.


Wherever you turn your eyes, you will find patterns around you. Now, once you have seen the list of cool patterns, you will set your minds with the cool shapes for everything you see. Try to get the best possible examples around you and also find out why designers have been working on this. You will feel inspired by learning something new behind every image. Your mind will start drawing different patterns for everything it sees. However, these all bring flexibility, vibrancy, and make your life full of designs. And even try to find out how you can achieve this.

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