Portable Document File or PDF is a type of file format that is uneditable but can easily be printed and shared. It is one of the most utilized file formats nowadays. As a result, several web-based tools were created to help you with your PDF transformation task.

One of the most used tools that are available online is the PDFBear. Some of the readily available tools of PDFBear are the Unlock, Lock, and Convert PDF tool. Here are the lists of the process on how to lock, unlock, and convert PDF files using PDFBear:

Easiest Way To Unlock A PDF File

Some people have a problem with memorizing their social media and webmail passwords. If you forget these passwords, it will give you additional problems. Similarly, once you encrypt a password to your PDF, you may soon forget the password, especially if you are not opening that file often.

If that file does not contain any confidential information, the best way to do so is to decrypt that PDF file. If you are looking for the easiest method for decrypting your PDF file, you may want to use PDFBear’s Unlock PDF tool. PDFBear provides the easiest and most-straightforward steps in unlocking your PDF file.

To unlock your PDF file, you must first select a password-encrypted PDF file and put it in their system. Once you are done, you can now insert the password of that file. After that, your file will be analyzed and unlocked in just a minute. Once the entire process is done, you can now download your new PDF file!

Unlocking a PDF file has been made easier using PDFBear’s tool. Even if you are new to using a computer or laptop, you can easily navigate each step. Rest assured that PDFBear has the best and easiest tool to utilize in decrypting a password-encrypted PDF file.

Easiest Way To Encrypt A Password To Your PDF File

If you have received a message or a report that other people have used your social media account without your consent, you would be alarmed. Similarly, if you have a PDF file that contains confidential information, you wouldn’t like other people to have access to it.

Confidential information is not for everyone. Once these pieces of information are out to the public, they can be used to scam other people using your name. The best solution for you to prevent this problem is to encrypt a password to your essential documents.

Luckily, PDFBear has the best tool for that. If you need to encrypt a password on your PDF file, you can use the Protect PDF tool of PDFBear. It has the easiest and the most straightforward steps in encrypting a password to your PDF file.

To start protecting your PDF file with a password, you must choose a PDF file and place it in PDFBear’s system. After that, you can now input your desired password. But, you must follow specific guidelines. Your password must be alpha-number. It must have nine characters.

Also, your password must have a mixture of capital letters and signs. Once your password is set, the system will begin to analyze and encrypt a password to your PDF file. The process might take a minute. The last step is to download your newly password-encrypted PDF file!

With the use of PDFBear, locking your PDF file will only take a minute. All you have to do type the right password, then PDFBear will do the rest. Encrypting a password has never been this easy.

How To Convert a File Format

If you have a file that is in Word format, before printing it, be sure that you already converted it into a PDF file. The benefit of converting your Word documents to a PDF file is that the formats such as spacing, columns, and indention will not be altered.

Using PDF Conversion Tools, you can quickly transform your Word documents into a PDF file. The first step in doing it is choosing a file and placing it in their conversion tool. After that, your file will be converted in just a minute. Once the entire process is done, you can now download it online.

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In A Nutshell

PDFBear is one of the most reliable web-based tools available today. There are still a lot of unmentioned features that they offer. You can check these other features on their website. You can also try to avail of their free trial promo, so don’t miss out.

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