Now that a lot of people are resorting to the digital space, knowing a few productivity hacks can save you time, while impressing your manager. PDFBear is a well-known website capable of converting different file formats into PDF files and vice versa. Besides its handiness, anyone can access this website for free using their mobile devices or computer anytime, anywhere. With that, here are the top conversion tools that people use from PDFBear.

1. Word to PDF

There are times that people lack the tools to turn their Word files into handy and convenient to use PDFs. If that’s the case, then there’s no need for you to worry because PDFBear will provide a specific feature to handle multiple Word-to-PDF conversion processes. It uses advanced technology to ensure that every time you convert a file, the quality is retained and not compromised. With that said, it’s also an advantage when you use this tool compared to others.

The process is quite simple, and anyone can convert their documents into PDFs in less than one minute. There are also four steps that you need to follow to complete that process. So here’s how to use the Word to PDF converter free online tool:

  • Once you are on the website, start uploading the Word files that you need to convert.
  • The conversion feature will begin to scan and analyze all the uploaded documents.
  • The website will finish the conversion process in a while.
  • After the three steps, you can now download the converted file in seconds.

2. Excel to PDF

Do you know what’s convenient? When you are seconds away from converting an Excel document into a PDF file. This process might be complicated to imagine, but there will be no sweat in doing the process with the help of the perfect online software. The conversion process is within your reach, and you are assured that using PDFBear is safe and secure when it comes to your documents’ privacy.

PDFBear will not allow its system to store any files not more than one hour to be safe and secure. It’s a strict policy of this online platform for the users to feel assured and calm. If you are still hesitant to use this feature, feel free to try it today! Some people might have trouble converting their excel files in the past, but this could-based software makes the process easy and straightforward. With that, here are the steps that you need to follow carefully:

  • 1. After visiting, upload the necessary Excel file to begin the conversion process.
  • 2. There will be options available, and you need to choose one.
  • 3. Press the “Convert” button to start analyzing and converting your Excel document.
  • 4. After the process, you can begin to download the file and use it.

3. PPT to PDF

When you are a student, employee, or someone who uses PPT presentations, there are times that it’s troublesome to send this type of file format to anyone. PowerPoint documents might be familiar, but not every system is capable of supporting it. But with this feature from PDFBear, the PPT to PDF conversion process will be quick and efficient. Anyone can transform their PPT files into PDFs in not more than one minute, and sending a PDF file to your colleagues or classmates is more comfortable than a PPT document.

If you wonder how the system goes, there are only a few steps to follow, and you can start converting any PPT files into PDF documents. With that said, it’s more comfortable, and the quality of your files after any conversion process is not sacrificed. Follow the steps below to convert your PPT documents easily:

  • 1. Choose any PPT documents that you need to convert.
  • 2. The process will take place in a while.
  • 3. After uploading any file, you can still modify it before the conversion process.
  • 4. When you are done with the first three steps, download and save the PDF file to your PC.

4. JPG to PDF

If you want to convert your image files into PDF documents, you are in the right place. This PDFBear feature is capable of converting BMP, PNG, PBM, GIF, and TIFF file formats. Users only need to follow a straightforward process before they can use the newly converted PDF file. The conversion process is relatively easy and fast to follow without any cost. Here’s how to transform your JPG file into a PDF:

  • 1. Upload any image file into the conversion bar of PDFBear.
  • 2. Choose the option you need.
  • 3. Start the conversion process by selecting the “Convert!” button.
  • 4. Start downloading the file to your desktop and use it.
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If you want to convert any file format to PDF files, you can always count on the features of PDFBear. This online platform can provide multiple features which will make the lives of many users easy and straightforward.

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