When an individual embarks on the journey of web building and first discovered the importance of SEO, the most common question asked is: Is the text really important for positioning?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to understand what SEO is. This is also known as Search Engine Optimization. It allows you to position yourself as the highest ranked item under specific search results. This ranking is valuable because it is what causes the most traffic to be driven to your website.

Step 1: Explain What You Have To Offer

In order for search engines to know what your website contains, you must complete all the fields on the page that are relevant to SEO. Titles, H1 subtitles and other tags will give search engines information about what you offer on your website or the products you sell.

By creating internal links, you can indicate the priority of your content compared to others and continue developing your SEO on the page.

However, all these tips are not enough to position your website among the first search results. The SEO of the page allows you to tell the engines what you want to position. You will have to climb up in order to get to the top.

Step 2: Win The Search Engine’s Trust

This second phase of positioning consists of sending trust signals that could be divided into two elements: links and user responses. Links are reliable external signals, while user responses are internal signals. If you have a good clickthrough rate (CTR), high traffic or good links, search engines detect signs that will increase your positioning.

When it comes to text in the positioning of a page, there is a tool to help search engines to determine the nature of your site. Let’s view how text can improve SEO positioning:

When the text informs the engines and generates signs of trust.

This is the most common case that demonstrates the importance of content. This practice is used both by large business sites and any platform or blog whose value is based on articles.

Here, the articles will be the main response generators of users, which will help generate trust signals that will allow for better positioning. This technique also allows Google to display the content that we want to position high on search results.

When the text informs the engines and does not generate signs of trust.

The text can serve your site exclusively to inform Google and other search engines about what it offers. This technique can cause confusion among readers, especially for e-commerce and online stores.

This is the SEO description text that generally serves as information about a store and how it categorizes itself.This text allows you to use secondary keywords, and better define a specific category. Unlike the first example, you no longer depend on the user’s response to the text. There are other elements instead that will improve positioning, such as the attractiveness of a product, the price, the return policy, the popularity of the brand, the design, etc.

For example, if you want to position your website under “yerba mate” search results, having more or less text will not change your positioning. With just the title, the subtitles in H1, and an internal link, the search engines will know what you want to sell. Repeating it several times will not improve your ranking. The top positions will be filled by pages that have the best link creation strategies or the best user response rate.

When the text is useless.

When the text on your website does not generate responses from users and is not accompanied by other content of interest (such as the products you sell), this text is useless. If you think this may be your case, you should immediately change your SEO strategy. Think about how you can generate more interest and user response.

In short, the text on your website plays a key role in SEO positioning. It is an element that is always used as an indicator for website positioning in search results. However, the generation of user responses will always be the most important element.

Increasing the volume of text in an online store is necessary to let search engines understand your keywords. However, user response to your content will always allow you to rank higher in search results.

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