Have you recently started your blog or looking to make money with your blog? If you haven’t started a blog yet, then check out the following link How to Start a Blog to create one. This blog post is a simple yet effective guide on how you can start making money through blogging. Guess what? The procedure just takes 20 minutes.

Blogging is one of the best ways to spread information online. It is an excellent way to share your knowledge, opinions, creativity, ideas, express yourself, and undoubtedly also make money through it.

Simple Procedure to Make Money Blogging

If you are a beginner or have been already blogging for a while and now looking for monetary benefits, following are some basic steps to make money with a blog:

  • Step 1. Set up a blog
  • Step 2. Create useful content
  • Step 3. Connect with the people
  • Step 4. Build strong relations
  • Step 5. Choose the income stream

1. Set Up a Blog

make money blogging

Before you understand how to make money with a blog, the first step is to have a blog. If you don’t have a blog and worrying how to start, then put your worries at ease. You can check out my post How to Start a Blog which contains simple steps and instructions to set up your blog and get started. Once you have your blog up and running, you can explore various methods to monetize it. Choosing the best blogging platform to make money is a crucial aspect of your journey.

There is also a way to make money without a blog or website, which I will share shortly in another post. All you need to do is stay tuned by subscribing. Just click on subscribe me now.

2. Create your passionate content

make money blogging

Create the content you are interested or passionate about. You can share your experiences, ideas, opinions, creativity, and expertise. Sharing ideas that are informative, real and authentic will attract people instantly.

Your blog is all about what you like. A successful blogger is one who is passionate about what he blogs. If you love cooking then create a blog on cooking. If you are passionate about hobbies like swimming, running, singing or any sports then create a blog of your interest. There are so many platforms and ideas through which you can showcase your thoughts.

“Blogging is not a one-way job. It is a give and take relationship.”

Staying focused and consistent makes you a successful blogger. Always be regular with your blog post and keep them updated on a consistent basis. Every blogger has some habits that makes him or her successful.

3. Connect with people around the web

make money blogging

This is a key point to remember to be successful and earn a smart income. If you want to make money through your blog, you should not only focus building great content but also find ways to promote your blog online.

Find the right people online and connect with them through social media. Join forums, discussions, and make comments on their blog. On forums you could also provide your blog link so that others can use your information. Interact with people and help them with your expertise. Learn from those who already have more experience. This is the best approach for people to know you and trust you.

4. Build strong relationship with the reading community

make money blogging

It is important to use your experience to engage people to read your content on your blog. This helps your blog get more exposure. It will help build authority and trust. The content present on your blog should engage readers and get them to follow your blog on a regular basis.

Be an active blogger. Respond to the readers comments, be polite, express gratitude and answer their questions if any. This will make them come back again. All this is a part of building a strong relationship through which it is easier to make money online.

5. Choose the income stream

make money online

Now the next step is to think about the way to generate income from your blog. If you are looking to generate long term income from your blog, follow these below mentioned steps:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Services
  • Physical Products


Displaying advertisements is the first step to begin making money through your blog. Ads are often provided by Ad networks that connect the advertiser and blogger.

Ad networks work as middle person between bloggers and advertisers. The advertiser chooses the Ad networks to advertise their product as 90% of bloggers are registered with Ad networks across the globe. This benefits the advertiser to sell as well as promote their product.

Google AdSense is one of the best and easy to set up Ad Network. There are several other Ad networks like Beacon, Sway, Blogher,, and Blogads.

Affiliate Marketing

There are hundreds of products that companies want to promote and sell on the web. Some companies choose to promote and sell their products through an affiliate marketing program.

The companies will begin with giving a unique link of their product or services. When a viewer clicks on that link and make a purchase, you will earn a commission on that. Affiliate Marketing is an easy method for earning passive income. There are several affiliate programs that are easy to sign and set up.

Passive Earning

Since working as a freelance blogger you will spend a lot of time using your computer, and it is a perfect opportunity to learn about passive earning online, which doesn’t need a lot of effort or initial investment in order to start. One of the options could be the app Honeygain. Honeygain is a crowdsourced web intelligence network that will pay you real life money in exchange for your unused bandwidth. It is perfect for someone who works remotely. There are numerous apps that could help you earn some money on the side, you just need to do your research.

Digital Products

Digital products are websites, themes, e-books, domains, e-courses, webinars, Plug-ins, photos etc that you can sell online on the web. The main advantage of selling digital products is that you don’t have to pay any manufacturing cost. Once the product is made, everything that is sold is virtual profit. Many people create own digital products and sell them online.

Learn more about How to Create an eBook for Free – with easy guide and infographic.

Physical Products

Physical products like manufactured products, books, classes and conferences can also be promoted and sold. This can be done through blogs, newsletters, and websites.

If you have a created a product and want to sell it that’s great. However, if you do not know how to create your own product, then never mind. You can sell someone else’s in your shop online.


Services such as writing, training, blogging, consulting, and coaching are freelance options through which many people make money online. These services will help you earn extra money along with blogging.

Start thinking of ways you can use your skills to the best potential and put them up online. Create blog content based on the services that you are offering to your readers.

Selling or offering a service is the best as the start-up cost is very minimal. Expand your business based on how much time you can donate to these services.

Here are the list of best websites for freelance jobs online from home.

From the listed above choices, choose any income stream that suits your needs!

I sincerely hope my article has helped you with plenty of ideas as to how to start making money through your blog. All you now need to do is put in the right efforts and stay.

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