Real estate photo editors have been constantly learning ways to improve their skills, whether by practicing on their own or utilizing useful tools or plugins.

For those editors who have spare time, they can practice several editing techniques at their own pace. However, for some, using plugins help them learn the editing technique and make the work fast and easy.

So, before anything else, here is a definition of plugin for better understanding.

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Plugin Defined

In most computer software, a plugin is an additional component added to the existing program to give a specific feature.

Depending on the software and the plugin developer, some plugins are available for free while others have premium subscriptions to unlock all the features it offers.

In this article, you will learn what LR/Enfuse is and how it helps photo editors.

What is LREnfuse?

LR/Enfuse is an Adobe Lightroom plugin.

It allows you to blend multiple exposures together directly in Lightroom, without using another software. You just need to install this plugin and use it as an open source application.

LR/Enfuse provides a convenient interface to blend images. In a nutshell, all you need to do is select the images that need blending and choose “Blend Exposures Using LR/Enfuse” from the File menu.

With LR Enfuse, you can do the following:

  • Blend images for night photography to achieve a longer exposure than a single frame.
  • Blend images with different focal points to create a greater depth of field. This is usually best for macro images.
  • Blend images of different exposures to create a natural-looking image with an improved dynamic range.

Typically, this plugin is part of the classic Adobe Classic Lightroom’s presets and plugins and is available in free and paid versions.

Specifically, the trial version limits the output size to 500px. But if you choose to donate for the betterment of this tool, you can get a registration code that will remove this restriction.

Furthermore, all other future updates will become free after this.

How to install LR Enfuse?

Installing the LR Enfuse plugin is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Just follow the following:

  • 1. Download the plugin via the Lightroom’s plugin manager.
  • 2. Unzip the file. Then check the called ‘LREnfuse.lrplugin‘ containing the files. If the unzip program didn’t keep this parent directory, then create one and copy the unzipped files into it.
  • 3. Move the plugin to a convenient location in your computer.
  • 4. Open Lightroom’s plugin manager from the File menu and click the “Add” button.
  • 5. Browse the plugin and click “OK” if you are using a Mac or “Add plugin” for Windows.
  • 6. Moreover, ensure that you install the Enfuse application on the Configuration panel so it will run smoothly.

Uses of LR/Enfuse in Real Estate Photo Editing

First thing you need to know about this plugin is its versatility. You can pretty much use it in other types of photography, although it is a big help in architectural and real estate photography.

Here are some of the notable uses of this plugin in photo editing real estate images.

Exterior Shots

If you are editing exterior images and would want to achieve a stunning, natural-looking image with depth of field, then use this plugin. With just a few clicks, you can have those appealing final photos.

Interior Shots

Just like the exterior shots, it takes time to get the perfect picture in just one shot. So, why not use blending instead? This can yield more aesthetically looking photos of your rooms, especially the main ones like the dining, living, and bathrooms.

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