If you choose a perfect font then you can be a professional designer otherwise there is a possibility that a lousy font you have chosen for your mockup can spoil your entire mockup look.

First to understand that what is a mockup, the mockup is actually a full-sized design that can be utilized for various purposes.

It displays the exact picture of your design or tells that how it will be shown in front of other people when you will publish it.

Try to note some important characteristics like roundness, length, and weights of the font you are going to use for mockup designs. Check that how this font will flow from letter to letter.

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The font should be in a simple and uncluttered design. The style of font really matters to evoke a feel and message that makes it more understandable.

Here is a short and interesting pick-up guide for you that will bring you out of the confusion related to the mockup design.

So, just take a read of this helping guide that is explaining about how to pick an attractive font for mockup designs.

Things To Remember For Picking An Attractive Font For Mockup Designs

Sometimes a small mistake or a fault in your mockup can create a huge problem that can also spoil your whole mockup design.

Even a non-graphic person can check out the fonts you have chosen that how much these fonts are essential and how much these are irrelevant and useless for your mockup design.

Here I would like to suggest a font family namely Helvetica Font Free that you can use for different purposes according to the requirement of your mockup design. It makes your mockup more meaningful and expressive.

Sometimes you can get a great response by changing the current font you are using for the mockup design with a new one.

Don’t forget that the choice of a font for your mockup design is more important than what you do with it. Here I am going to define some important things to remember about how to choose an attractive font for your mockup design.

How It Looks:

I agree that there are many things to consider when choosing a font for mockup designs but the personality of the font really matters. It pours the first impression on the users so it should be amazing in looks.

You must have to select the suitable typefaces that will create an impressive mood and impression of your project on the users. As we are talking about the font so you can choose it in two ways:

  • Try to pick a typeface that allows you to fit the mood you want to use with your mockup design.
  • Try to pick a neutral typeface by which the design could be able to set the personality of the project.

Don’t forget about the variations of the font such as letters’ cases and styles like bold, Italic and even the shape of letters all contribute to the structure and look of the typeface.

Plan To Use Pair Of Fonts:

Probably it would be very difficult or uncommon to complete a mockup design by using only a single font. You would prefer to use two fonts because it may be possible that one of them is better for large elements and the second one is more suitable for the body text.

So, that would be more preferable to choose a pair of fonts that will work together efficiently for creating the exact feel of the project. It might be possible that one is more suitable due to its personality and the other one is better due to its neutral side.

It would be wrong thinking if you think that the use of two fonts will give different messages. It depends on the correct pairing that can be more complementary in shapes to create more attraction to the message as well.

Remember About Its Readability:

Don’t forget to note that how much the font is easy to read that you are going to use for your mockup design. It should be easy to understand from small and long distances as well.

If you need to think again and again about the words you are using in the mockup design to comprehend its meaning then it is not highly appropriable because it may be illegible.

There is no problem if you want to use a cosmetic font for some stages like a caption but if the user needs to focus extremely to understand it then it is not very good to understand.

Modish Or Native Font Options:

Many mockup designs require a long time where you need to pick up the fonts that could be capable to hold up over time. The modish options are good to complete the project in the required time whereas native options are only capable to perform better with a single design project otherwise they cannot perform properly.

Choose Serif & Sans-Serif Font:

There are many fonts that can be used for mockup designs. Most of the sites are based on Serif and Sans-serif fonts including New Roman, Futura, Georgia, and others.

That is why I would like to recommend you to choose Serif and Sans-serif fonts for your mockup designs as these typefaces are being utilized for about 50 years and are very common everywhere. Designers are still adding new features with the passage of time to make it more significant.

Alignment & Justification Options:

In this regard, it really matters that how the text will be placed on your mockup. The text that needs to be placed at the left, should be at the left corner. The alignment options should allow aligning the heading in the center if your mockup requires it to align them in the center.

Moreover, try to refrain from using large blocks for the text because it makes your site less attractive. So, you should be careful about these little things for which the alignment and justification options are responsible.

Consistency Among Fonts:

The consistency and harmony among the fonts are one of the most important factors that have a significant impact on the site. The fonts you are going to choose for a mockup design should be suiting with each other.


The combination among the fonts should be correct in order to design a mockup successfully. Focus on your work and try to analyze your mistakes in order to get the desired results.

I have explained almost all the necessary points to remember through you can easily pick an attractive font for your mockup design. Thank you.

Image Credit: MockupCloud

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